About Us

QuizTablet Knowledge Base is a top-notch web solutions and software development company that maintains a network of partners across the world. We are officially registered and recognized by the corporate affairs commission.

We started our journey in the year 2020, when our founder and CEO, D.E.N. Samuel, made the bold step of developing a soft blueprint for our student online community, quiztablet.com, a questions and answers web-application where young students and academicians could effectively engage in knowledge exchange as well as build their intellectual capabilities.

Our passion gradually evolved into helping other businesses, corporate bodies, schools, and governments create and manage their online ambitions, drive, and campaign.

For the sake of simplicity and clarity, here is a list of services we offer…

  • We run quiztablet.com and other sites and keep them open to both admin, staff, and user-generated content.
  • We create, maintain, and manage self-owned websites and a bunch of mobile applications on popular app stores.
  • We create, maintain, and manage websites and blogs for our individual clients.
  • We create, maintain, and manage websites for corporate bodies, companies, schools, businesses, offices, and governments.
  • We create, maintain, manage and update software, apps, and related wares.
  • We train University IT students in web development as well as mobile app development.
  • We train individuals and corporate clients in web development and mobile app development.

In addition to helping students find answers and solutions to their questions, home works, projects, theses, and other related academic activities, we also help other businesses fulfill their web and mobile app development goals.

Feel free to contact us. [No Spamming please!]

  • WhatsApp us on this number +2347017930209,
  • Or do us an email… admin@quiztablet.com,
  • Or you can click the below button…


D.E.N Samuel [CEO/Founder, QuizTablet Knowledge-Base]