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if you cannot explain it in clear simple terms, then you don’t understand it properly…


These are the few simple but powerful lines that stand together as a pillar behind our community…

Quickly, we would not waste much time here, we have a lot of topics to treat, lets explain who we are in a list format:

  • QuizTablet.com is a web-based community of learners and teachers, founded in 2020.
  • QuizTablet.com is a soft engine created to feature thousands of questions and millions of carefully thought-out answers.
  • QuizTablet.com is a totally free resource meant to be a knowledgebase where young learners could effectively utilize their time.
  • With your consent, QuizTablet.com can be a good substitute for our contemporary failing social media which has become a notorious den for fake-news.
  • In stead of having a waste of precious time on the internet engaging in unproductive engagements, why don’t you register with us and give us a trial for a year, and watch your cognitive ability grow.
  • QuizTablet.com can be a center for healthy intellectual competition; just deliver good answers and watch your intellectual profile grow like forest fire in the harmattan.
  • QuizTablet.com can be a center for organic preparation for your school exams, just break forth from the traditional note-copying and burning night candles to an organic process of learning.
  • QuizTablet.com greatly frowns at cramming, this is why we created this platform to make your learning process as natural as possible.

things learnt through artificial enforcement and popular classroom doctrines will always be less better understood than things learnt through natural everyday non-enforced activity…


Guiding rules for community members

So you have decided to join us, congratulations and welcome!

Again for clarity purposes, we opt to list our rules and regulations as follows:

  • members of this community must respect every other member, and must not discriminate against them on the bases of gender, tribe, religion, age, race, or any other common or uncommon discriminatory line.
  • Members of this community must not spam our site, by spamming we mean using un-natural behavior to place links in unnatural comments, please note that links on this site are no-follow, so don’t waste your time planning to spam our site. Besides, we can easily identify and ban your IP address.
  • Members of this community must not promote violence against anyone, issuance of threats will be taken as a serious violation of our guidelines.
  • Members of this site must not exchange sensitive information with anyone even if they claim to be our agents, please verify the identity of anyone before transactions if you wish to, but this site does not in any way encourage or take responsibility for the sharing of sensitive financial data.
  • Questions and answers posted in this site must be relevant, we would moderate and delete any irrelevant question, answer, post, comment, or reply, this is done for the sake of site security, please bear with us.
  • Irrelevant sexually inclined posts are expressly forbidden, please take note.
  • This rules and regulations page is dynamic, and so, we will be updating it as we progress.

Please bear with us, without rules, man will naturally abuse even the most beneficial of privileges.

SIGNED: Dexter N Samuel.

Admin… QuizTablet Community

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