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After an hour, the level of…

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Use the diagram below to answer question 4 to 6

After an hour, the level of water in,

After an hour, the level of water in the thistle funnel will…

A. rise

B. fall

C. remain the same

D. double




is expected to occur here… that is, water will move from the less concentrated distilled water to the more concentrated sugar solution in order to neutralize and balance out the of sugar.

Now for the right answer to the above question:

  1. Yes, the water in the thistle funnel will rise because water will obey the laws of osmosis and move through the membrane to neutralize the sugar concentration. Therefore, A is the right answer.
  2. No, the water in the funnel will not fall. If it could fall, then the sugar will crystalize, this is very unlikely. B is wrong
  3. No, it would not remain the same because the concentration of both solutions are quite different, the water level in the funnel will only remain the same if their concentration is same. C is wrong
  4. Actually, the level of water may double, or even triple, depending on the concentration and initial level of the water. This details were not provided so we can't be certain it will double… therefore, D is wrong
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  • You may please note that salt instead of sugar would also give the same results, as long as the concentration of the solutions can be altered by one dissolving into another, water will always move from region of less concentration to that of more concentration.

/ culled from 2018 -UTME biology question 4 /


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