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An example of monohybrid inheritance in man is…

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An example of monohybrid inheritance in man is

A. astigmatism

B. cretinism

C. hyperthyroidism

D. albinism




Monohybrid inheritance is the inheritance of the same type of trait from both parents. For example, if T and t are dominant and recessive traits, then a monohybrid offspring will be either TT or tt.

Albinism results from the inheritance of two of its traits from both parents.

Now for the right answer to the above question:

  1. A is not the right answer. astigmatism is a defect of the eye; it is not inherited.
  2. B is incorrect. cretinism is the acute deficiency in iodine; it is not an inheritable disorder.
  3. C is incorrect. hyperthyroidism is the excessive release of hormone from the thyroid gland, it is not a hereditary disease.
  4. D is correct. albinism is a monohybrid disorder.


You may please note this/these:

  • Monohybrid inheritance is the inheritance of the same kind of dominant or recessive traits, each from both parents.
  • For example, monohybrid inheritance results in the inheritance of two dominant TT, each from both parents or the inheritance of two recessive tt, each from both parents.
  • Albinism is a good example of a monohybrid disorder.

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    Hybrid Is An Offspring From A Cross(either Of Two Pure Traits Or Two Pairs Of Contrasting characters) between Parents That Are Genetically Different. So,albinism occurs From Two Pure(mono) characters.

    ADEBODUN HELLEN - Apr 19, 2022 | Reply

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