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Who are the best web hosting providers for Tanzania? [2023]

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Who are the best web hosting providers for Tanzania?

If the majority of visitors to your website originate from Tanzanian cities like:

  • Dar es Salam
  • Mwanza
  • Zanzibar
  • Arusha
  • Mbeya
  • Morogoro
  • Tanga
  • Dodoma
  • Kigoma
  • Moshi
  • Tabora
  • Songea
  • Or anywhere else in Tanzania,

This suggestion was created especially for you.

Several factors were examined while deciding which two web hosting firms to recommend to Tanzanian web designers, bloggers, and businesses.

This article contains a list of the best hosting companies that can handle Tanzanian traffic.

These are the leading two web hosting companies.

We will shortly share the particular reasons for our support for these hosts. As a firm, we have designed and managed over 410 client websites and over 300 blogs. We are aware that suggesting suspicious hosts puts our credibility, reputation, and trust at risk.


This page contains affiliate links, if you click a link from here to choose a host, we may get a little commission at absolutely no extra cost to you. If you go through other means, you may pay a higher amount if you do not take advantage of our available coupons and discounts.

best web hosting providers for Tanzania


It is widely accepted that choosing a hosting provider is crucial when creating a new website. This is because choosing the wrong solution may result in early financial loss, a bad user experience, poor SEO, or even the complete collapse of your firm.

Although it is true that loading times would be faster if your hosting server is closer to your principal traffic source, with the emergence of advanced CDN solutions, this assumption has become obsolete. CDN is an abbreviation for “content delivery network.”

Other factors must be addressed while selecting a host. These factors are as follows:

  • Speed
  • Cost
  • Uptime
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Reliability

As a result, a Tanzanian blogger or webmaster may be pondering whether to host with a major global hosting provider or a local hosting firm.

Let us examine these options more closely.


Because Google now favors page loading speed, faster sites consistently outrank slower ones.

If your website is quicker, you have a higher chance of improving key Google ranking factors such as bounce rates, backlinks, and other features.

Although the average server response time for a Tanzanian host was good, it fell short of the remarkable performance of our somewhat superior choices.

We decided to create an honest list based on our knowledge in order to correctly tell our site visitors, followers, students, and users about the finest website hosting providers suggested for Tanzania and other countries.


Even though local Tanzanian hosting companies are appealing and reasonably priced, some of them may not store your data on privately owned and locally based servers; instead, they may purchase reseller servers from large international organizations and resell them to nearby blogs and businesses. As a result, you may end up paying somewhat more than if you had dealt directly with the foreign host.


Tanzanian hosts, in our experience, normally have a 99.89% uptime. A website’s annual downtime is projected to be as follows in days:

365 * (1- (99.89/100)) = 0.4 days = about 9.6 hours

As a result, your website may be unavailable for an average of 9.6 hours every year. It is most noticeable right after midnight and during updates.

All of the hosting businesses mentioned below have an uptime of 99.99% or less than one hour per year.


Tanzanian hosting services are usually safe, but their foreign counterparts, particularly those we suggest, are unquestionably safer. It’s easy to see why: establishing cutting-edge security features and technologies necessitates extensive study and expenditure.

Tanzanian hosting providers are often more vulnerable to some form of less technical help than large outside players, according to the most current security update.


Some local hosting firms may not be able to give the scalability choices you want to grow your organization quickly. Every company wants to grow its client base and income, therefore if your company is expanding and you want to reach more people in different regions, you may need to scale your website, blog, or app.

You should carefully follow our instructions because some early mistakes can be avoided.


Simply put, Tanzanian hosts are well-known for their dependability and willingness to compete modestly with affluent foreign opponents. A few well-known local hosting providers, according to our colleagues and students, are now operating smoothly and providing great hosting services.

Rest assured, though, that the ideas in this post are among the finest, if not the best.


Here are the two best Tanzania hosting services that we recommend:

Continue reading for a brief overview of each hosting service, their various perks and drawbacks, and professional suggestions on which one to use based on your specific scenario.


Before approving Intersever, we gave it great consideration. Our research identified three enticing benefits:

  • Highly scalable
  • Powerful server
  • Predictable pricing


If the scope of your website is modest at first, shared hosting is a good option. Because of Interserver’s key scalability approach, you may be able to simply upgrade to more powerful resources as your company grows.


InterServer’s powerful servers are fantastic. The term “powerful” refers to the ability of your website to manage data and offer accurate and fast results.

A voting website for a university community was hosted on Interserver. Our website neatly handled over 85,000 concurrent votes.


Interserver provides relatively transparent pricing in contrast to other hosting providers.

There won’t be any unanticipated price hikes when you renew your contract since Interserver promises that the renewal fee will always be the same as the first payment. The term “price lock guarantee” properly captures this.


The choice of Cloudways was not arbitrary. Our investigation led to the following three key pluses:

  • WordPress friendly
  • C-panel for shared hosting
  • Powerful server


Due to its full compatibility with the WordPress platform, Cloudways is a fantastic option for building WordPress websites.


As an alternative to DirectAdmin, a less user-friendly interface utilized by certain shared hosting companies, Cloudways provides c-panel.

The Cloudways c-panel is crucial since it makes it simpler to manage your hosted files. If you want to quickly handle any of the problems described below, you should utilize Cloudways.

  • Hacking
  • Lost password
  • White screen of death
  • Malware infection and so on…


A very reliable server is available from Cloudways at a reasonable cost.

Cloudways hosting is the best option if you want high quality and power at a fair price.


We highly suggest you aim for quality as a Tanzanian devoted to developing a trustworthy website in order to prevent disappointment.

Since we didn’t want to criticize any hosting businesses, we refrained from listing any of them. However, we do want to offer guidance to our website visitors.

We could just publish referral-based reviews of subpar local hosting companies to raise money, but doing so could seriously damage our reputation.

In case you missed it, here are our two recommendations:


  • Interserver is the service to use if you want consistency, fair pricing, and a sizable website or blog that will publish several sites, similar to a newspaper.
  • Because their cloud, virtual, and dedicated servers are good and offer lots of speed, capacity, and space, if money isn’t an issue and you have a substantial capital reserve, you can simply select between Cloudways and Interserver. Actually, anything may be hosted on these servers.
  • Use CDN technology to deliver your content to both domestic and foreign clients whenever it is possible.
  • Regardless of where your users are situated, the CDN will assist your site with load balancing and information distribution.

To select which plan to purchase, go to any of the recommended hosts on this page. You may use these buttons to access their website directly and compare prices and plans.

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