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Who are the best web hosting providers in Singapore? [2023]

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Who are the best web hosting providers in Singapore?

If the majority of visitors to your website originate from Singaporean cities like:

  • Yishun
  • Ang Mo Kio
  • Alexandra
  • Ah Soo Garden
  • Ama Keng
  • Seletar
  • Serangoon
  • Jurong
  • Bukit Panjang
  • Chao Chu Kang
  • Bukit Batok
  • Jurong West
  • Jurong East
  • Or anywhere else in Singapore,

This recommendation was created especially for you.

When determining which two web hosting companies to suggest to Singaporean web designers, bloggers, and enterprises, several different variables were taken into consideration.

The top hosting firms that can manage traffic from Singapore are included in this post.

The top two hosting firms are listed below.

We’ll eventually disclose the specific justifications for our recommendation of these hosts. We have created and maintained over 410 client websites and more than 300 blogs as a company. We are aware of devaluing our credibility, reputation, and trust by suggesting unreliable hosts.


This page contains affiliate links, if you click a link from here to choose a host, we may get a little commission at absolutely no extra cost to you. If you go through other means, you may pay a higher amount if you do not take advantage of our available coupons and discounts.

best web hosting providers for Singapore


It’s common knowledge that picking a hosting company is essential when developing a new website. This is owing to the possibility that selecting the incorrect solution might lead to early financial loss, a subpar user experience, subpar SEO, or even the whole collapse of your company.

While it is true that loading times will be quicker if your hosting server is closer to your primary target traffic source, however, with the development of more potent CDN systems, this idea has become antiquated. The acronym CDN stands for content delivery network.

While choosing a host, other criteria should be considered. These criteria are listed below:

  • Uptime
  • Cost
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Speed
  • Reliability

A Singaporean blogger or webmaster may thus be considering hosting with a major global hosting provider and a local hosting company.

Let’s examine these choices in more detail.


Singaporean hosts, in our experience, typically have an uptime of 99.97%. An average website’s yearly outage in days is expected to be as follows:

365 * (1- (99.97/100)) = 0.11 days = about 2.6 hours

Therefore, it’s possible that your website will be down for an average of 2.6 hours every year. The best times to detect it are right after midnight and right before updates.

The hosting companies listed below all guarantee uptime of 99.99% or less than one hour per year.


Even though local Singaporean hosting companies are appealing and reasonably priced, some of them might not store your information on servers that are privately owned and located locally; rather, they might buy reseller servers from major foreign organizations and resell them to nearby blogs and businesses. You could wind up paying a little bit more as a result than if you had negotiated directly with the foreign host.


Although Singaporean hosting services are generally safe, their foreign equivalents, particularly those we recommend, are without a doubt safer. It is simple to understand why: developing cutting-edge security features and technologies requires in-depth, solid research.

Singaporean hosting companies’ most recent security update is often more susceptible to some type of technical assistance than the big players outside.


Some local hosting companies might not be able to provide the scalability options you need to grow your business quickly. Every business aspires to expand both its customer base and its revenue, so if yours is growing and you want to reach more people in various locations, you might need to scale your website, blog, or app.

You should carefully follow our recommendations because there are certain early blunders that may be avoided.

Please be patient as we provide more details from personal experience about each potential host so that you may make the best decision.


Faster sites often rank higher than slower ones since Google now prioritizes page loading time.

You have a better chance of boosting important Google ranking metrics like bounce rates, backlinks, and other elements if your website runs faster.

The typical server response time for a Singaporean host was deemed satisfactory, although it fell short of our somewhat superior choices’ exceptional performance.

In order to accurately inform our site visitors, followers, students, and users about the best website hosting companies recommended for websites in Singapore and other countries, we decided to develop an honest list based on our knowledge.

Since we and our third-party partners manage over 500 websites for customers, churches, restaurants, schools, organizations, and businesses, our advice is based on what we know and do in practice.


Simply said, Singaporean hosts are renowned for their reliability and capacity to only marginally outperform wealthy foreign competitors. Our users and visitors have informed us that a few well-known local hosting companies are now operating efficiently and providing better hosting services.

Be assured, though, that the recommendations in this piece are, if not the finest, then certainly among the best.


Here are the two best hosting companies we recommend for Singapore:

Please continue reading as we provide a brief summary of each hosting provider, their various benefits and downsides, and knowledgeable recommendations on which one you should choose based on your particular situation.


We gave Intersever careful attention before approving it. Our research uncovered three enticing advantages:

  • Predictable pricing
  • Highly scalable
  • Powerful server


Contrary to other hosting companies, Interserver has very open pricing.

Since Interserver guarantees that the renewal cost will always be the same as the first payment, there won’t be any unanticipated price increases when you renew your contract. This is well described by the term “price lock guarantee.”


Shared hosting is a suitable option if the initial scope of your website is modest. As your business expands, you might be able to easily upgrade to stronger resources. owing to the essential scalability policy of Interserver.


The powerful and potent servers from InterServer are great. Powerful here refers to your website’s capacity for data management and the production of precise and timely results.

To manage a voting website for a university community, we utilized Interserver. Over 85,000 simultaneous votes were processed quickly and effectively by our website.


The choice of Cloudways was not arbitrary. As a result of our research, we identified three major benefits:

  • Powerful server
  • WordPress friendly
  • C-panel for shared hosting


Cloudways offers a very dependable server at reasonable pricing.

If you want excellent quality and power at a competitive price, Cloudways hosting is the right choice.


Because Cloudways is completely compatible with the WordPress platform, it is a great choice for WordPress website construction.


For shared hosting, Cloudways offers c-panel as a substitute for DirectAdmin, a less user-friendly interface that some providers favor.

The Cloudways c-panel is helpful since it makes it simpler to manage your hosted files. If you are dealing with any of the issues stated below, you should patronize Cloudways.

  • Lost password
  • White screen of death
  • Hacking
  • Malware infection and so on…


We strongly advise you to aim for the best as a Singaporean committed to building a reliable website in order to avoid disappointments.

Since we didn’t want to disparage any hosting companies, we refrained from mentioning any of them. However, we do wish to provide our website visitors with advice.

We could just write referral-based evaluations of nearby hosting providers to earn money, but doing so would seriously damage our image.

Here are the two hosting firms we advise to our visitors, in case you missed them:


  • Interserver is the company to choose if you want stability, an affordable price, and a sizable website or blog that will publish several sites, much like a newspaper.
  • If cost is not a concern for you and you have a sizable cash reserve, you may choose between Cloudways and Interserver with ease because their cloud, virtual, and dedicated servers are excellent and provide lots of speed, capacity, and space. Actually, anything may be hosted on these servers.
  • Use CDN technology wherever possible to provide your content to both domestic and international clients.
  • The CDN will help your site balance the load and deliver your information efficiently regardless of where your users are located.

Go to any of the recommended hosts on this page to determine which plan to buy. You can use these buttons to directly access their website where you can evaluate plans and costs.

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