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Who are the best web hosting providers in the US? [2023]

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Who are the best web hosting providers in the US?

If the majority of visitors to your website originate from American cities like:

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Houston
  • Phoenix
  • Philadelphia
  • San Antonio
  • San Diego
  • Dallas
  • San Jose
  • Alaska
  • Florida
  • California
  • Texas
  • Or anywhere else in the US,

This suggestion was intended for you.

A lot of considerations were considered while deciding which two web hosting companies to suggest to American web designers, bloggers, and enterprises.

This article lists the finest hosting companies that can handle American traffic.

These are the top two web hosting providers.

The specific grounds for our endorsement of these hosts will be revealed shortly. As a company, we’ve created and kept up with more than 410 client websites and 300 blogs. We are aware that by recommending dubious hosts, we face the chance of harming our reputation, credibility, and trust.


This page contains affiliate links, if you click a link from here to choose a host, we may get a little commission at absolutely no extra cost to you. If you go through other means, you may pay a higher amount if you do not take advantage of our available coupons and discounts.

best web hosting providers in the US


It is common knowledge that selecting a hosting company is crucial when developing a new website. This is due to the possibility that selecting the incorrect option might result in early financial loss, a terrible user experience, subpar SEO, or even the whole collapse of your organization.

Although it is true that faster loading times would result from your hosting server is closer to your primary source of traffic, this idea has been abandoned since the emergence of sophisticated CDN solutions. The term “content delivery network” can be shortened to “CDN.”

There are several other things to consider while choosing a host. These factors include the following:

  • Cost
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Speed
  • Uptime
  • Scalability

Thus, an American webmaster or blogger may be wondering between hosting with a reputable overseas hosting provider and hosting with a local hosting company. Luckily, the best hosting companies in the world could be located here in the US.


Most hosting companies in America can go for reasonable pricing. Although others may be a bit expensive. Our recommendations are fairly priced.


Simply put, American hosts are renowned for their dependability and capacity to compete and even out-host affluent foreign rivals. Our staff and students report that a few well-known regional hosting businesses are now operating well and providing top-notch hosting services even across far countries.

Rest assured, though, that the recommendations in this essay are at least excellent.


American hosting firms are reputed to be the most secure. The reason is simple to explain. American hosting firms, to a large extent, offer sponsorship for web security research and upgrades. Thus, our recommendations are in line to benefit from these robust web security updates.


Faster websites frequently outrank slower ones because Google now gives page loading speed priority.

If your website is quicker, you have a greater chance of improving important Google ranking indicators like bounce rates, backlinks, and other features.

The typical American host’s server response time was assessed as satisfactory, thus we must highlight the exceptional performance of our somewhat superior picks.

In order to correctly tell our site visitors, followers, students, and users about the top website hosting providers advised for The US and other countries, we have chosen to construct an honest list based on our expertise.


According to our observations, American hosts normally have an uptime of 99.98%. An average website should have the following number of days of outages per year:

365 * (1- (99.98/100)) = 0.073 days = about 1.8 hours

As a result, on average, 1.8 hours per year may pass when your website is unavailable. It is easy to observe right after midnight and during updates.

The following hosting providers all guarantee 99.99% uptime or less than one hour annually.


Local hosting companies are just fine and offer robust scalability options. Thus, the scalability policies of Cloudways and InterServer are worth mentioning.


Here are the two top hosting providers for the US that we recommend:

Please continue reading for a brief summary of each hosting provider, their numerous benefits and drawbacks, and knowledgeable guidance on which to choose depending on your specific situation.


We thoughtfully evaluated it before deciding to endorse Intersever. Our research uncovered three appealing advantages:

  • Powerful server
  • Predictable pricing
  • Highly scalable


Excellent servers from InterServer are powerful and dependable. Your website’s capacity to manage data and deliver accurate and timely results is what is meant when we say it is powerful.

Interserver provided hosting for a community of students’ voting websites. Over 85,000 concurrent votes were handled by our website with efficiency and precision.


Compared to other hosting companies, Interserver has a rather open pricing.

When you renew your contract, there won’t be any unexpected price increases since Interserver guarantees that the renewal amount will always be the same as the first payment. This is adequately described by the phrase “price lock guarantee.”


If the initial scope of your website is modest, shared hosting is a good option. Thanks to Interserver’s key scalability policy, you can be able to easily upgrade to more powerful resources as your organization expands.


Cloudways was not just randomly chosen. Three important conclusions from our study are as follows:

  • Powerful server
  • WordPress friendly
  • C-panel for shared hosting


At a fair price, Cloudways offers a very dependable server.

If you want great quality and power at an affordable price, Cloudways hosting is the ideal choice.


Cloudways is a great choice for creating WordPress websites because of its complete compatibility with the platform.


Cloudways offers c-panel as an alternative to DirectAdmin, a less user-friendly interface used by certain shared hosting providers.

The Cloudways c-panel is essential since it makes managing your hosted files easier. Utilize Cloudways if you want to solve any of the issues listed below swiftly.

  • Lost password
  • Hacking
  • White screen of death
  • Malware infection and so on…


We strongly advise you to strive for excellence as an American citizen committed to creating a reliable website in order to avoid disappointment.

We didn’t name any hosting companies since we didn’t want to condemn any of them. We do, however, aim to provide website visitors with advice.

Here are our suggestions, for our readers, two hosting firms in case you missed them:


  • If you want stability, reasonable pricing, and a sizable website or blog that will publish dozens of articles, much like a newspaper, Interserver is the service to employ.
  • If money is not a concern and you have a sufficient capital reserve, you can simply choose between Cloudways and Interserver because their cloud, virtual, and dedicated servers are excellent and provide lots of speed, capacity, and space. Whatever you want can be hosted on these servers.
  • Wherever practical, use CDN technology to provide your content to both domestic and international clients.
  • No matter where your users are located, the CDN will help your site balance the load and distribute your information efficiently.

Visit any of the hosts listed on this page to choose which package to buy. To visit their website and compare rates and plans, utilize these buttons.

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