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What is the best website host for Ethiopia? [2023]

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What is the best website host for Ethiopia?

If the majority of your target market and website visitors are from Ethiopian cities like:

  • Addis Ababa
  • Gondar
  • Dire Dawa
  • Mekelle
  • Dese
  • Nazret
  • Adama
  • Bahir Dar
  • Or anywhere else in Ethiopia?

Then you should read this article.

The two web hosting companies listed below are those we recommend for Ethiopian web designers, bloggers, and businesses after taking a number of crucial considerations into account.

Here, without wasting too much of your time, is a fast list of the top two hosting providers we recommend:


This page contains affiliate links, if you click a link from here to choose a host, you will be charged the best minimum cost possible. You may pay more if you choose other channels…

best website host for Ethiopia

Our suggestions for these hosts are not speculative. As a web development company, we have created over 400 client and corporate websites, over 300 blogs, and more. We should know better, and by doing this, we risk harming our ethics, reputation, and experience.


Making the right decision when selecting a hosting provider to store your files is crucial because doing so can prevent financial loss, poor business growth, or even the complete failure of your enterprise.

It is true that loading times will be quicker when your hosting server is close to where your main site traffic originates. However, this idea is perhaps a little antiquated now that CDN technology has advanced. When selecting a host, you must take into account additional criteria. These consist of:

  • Uptime
  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Security
  • Cost
  • Scalability

Thus, a webmaster or blogger in Ethiopia may be wondering which of the two options is preferable: to host with a local hosting company. or use a foreign hosting provider to host?

Let’s expand on these factors a little bit.


According to our experience, Ethiopian hosts typically have an uptime of 99.5%. This is a little disappointing. If you calculated the number of days your typical website is anticipated to be down each year, you would have:

365 * (1- (99.5/100)) = 1.83 days = about 44 hours

This indicates that throughout the course of a year, you should anticipate that your website will go down for a total of 44 hours. Although the majority of this downtime happens at midnight and during update times.

All of the hosting providers we shall shortly propose below have an uptime of 99.99%, or roughly one hour of downtime a year.


Simply put, hosts in Ethiopia can be a little more dependable than those outside who are well-funded. Our students and clients have informed us that a few well-known local hosting firms aren’t quite up to par, and their services aren’t as consistent in terms of quality.


The Google search engine now places a high priority on page loading speed and favors quicker websites over slower ones.

Your website’s prospects of improving Google ranking indicators like bounce rates, backlinks, etc. are improved if it loads quickly.

Although an Ethiopian host’s average server response time may be decent, it falls short of our requirements. This is because they can lack the discipline and technical know-how necessary to optimize a shared server and host just the websites that are optimized.

To properly inform our site visitors, fans, students, and users on the best website hosting businesses suggested for customers and users in Ethiopia, and even other African countries, we have decided to compile an honest list based on our expertise. We provide this guidance based on what we know and how we put it into practice as we and our third-party partners administer more than 500 websites created for clients, churches, restaurants, schools, organizations, and enterprises.


Ethiopian hosting firms are somewhat safe, but their international counterparts, especially those we recommend, are far safer. The explanation is not unreasonable; they have a tendency to update or even develop the newest security technology and features more slowly.

The length of this delay isn’t anything you should gamble with if you are serious about business. The most recent security upgrade of Ethiopian hosting businesses is subject to some form of technological delay.


Some Ethiopian hosting providers can be buying reseller servers from international major hosts and resell them to local bloggers and businesses instead of truly hosting your files on locally owned servers. The result of this is that you can potentially end up paying more for a service than you would if you dealt directly with the foreign host.


Some of our local businesses could be difficult to work with when you require flexible scalability options to expand your company quickly. In the future, when your company is expanding and you want to reach more people in different regions, you might need to scale your website, blog, or app.

However, we caution against rushing through reading our recommendations and urge you to take your time. We pledge to provide first-hand accounts of each of the hosts we suggest and will help you decide which option is best for you.


Here are the two best hosting companies we recommend for Ethiopia:

Just sit back and read on; we’ll give you a quick rundown of all the hosting plans, their various benefits, and drawbacks, as well as professional guidance on which one you should choose based on your particular situation.


Our selection of intersever is well thought out. We noticed three appealing advantages based on our experience:

  • Predictable pricing
  • Powerful server
  • Highly scalable


Interserver pricing is rather straightforward, in contrast to other hosting companies that could apply unforeseen pricing and hidden fees, particularly during renewal.

There won’t be any unexpected increases in the price for the same plan when you want to renew because Interserver guarantees that the renewal cost will always be the same as the admission fee. The price lock guarantee is the correct term used to describe this.


The fact that InterServer provides a robust and powerful server is one aspect I like. Powerful here refers to the ability to manage the data from your website and deliver the desired results in a prompt and dependable manner.

We ran a voting site on interserver for a university community. Our website handled more than 85,000 concurrent votes cleanly and effectively.


If your website is modest at first, you can start with shared hosting and then easily upgrade to more powerful resources as your company expands. Thanks to Interserver’s excellent scalability policy.


We did not select Cloudways at random. Based on our observations, we discovered three significant advantages:

  • Powerful server
  • WordPress friendly
  • C-panel for shared hosting


As a novice, you might be surprised to learn that Cloudways provides a powerful server, but it has a price.

If you need power but don’t want to worry about costs right away, Cloudways hosting is fantastic.


If you want to construct your website using WordPress, Cloudways is an excellent option because it is entirely compatible with WordPress.


One aspect of Cloudways that I like is that they offer c-panel even for shared hosting, whereas most businesses choose the less user-friendly DirectAdmin.

Cloudways’ c-panel makes it incredibly simple to view and modify your hosted files, which is helpful when you encounter problems like:

  • Lost password
  • White screen of death
  • Hacking
  • Malware infection and so on…

Finally, you should only deal with the best if you are serious about developing a strong digital business that will avoid future problems. This post wasn’t intended to bash anyone; rather, it was meant to offer advice to our readers who needed it.

We could just write to advertise local hosting companies as affiliates, but doing so might damage our reputation in the long run. For this reason, we only suggest services that we are already familiar with.

As a result, here is our list of the top hosting advice for Ethiopia:

  • If you want to start with a quick, inexpensive, lean, and reliable website/blog/web app, Interserver is a fantastic option.
  • If you want strength, reliable pricing, and a sizable website/blog/web app that can publish a sizable amount of web pages, choose interserver.
  • Cloudways plans should be obtained, nevertheless, if your budget is not strictly limited, money is not an issue and you are willing to invest it in exchange for high-quality services.

Utilize CDN technology whenever possible to quickly and efficiently make your content available to users both domestically and abroad.

To select the plan you want to buy at the most affordable price, you can go to any of the listed hosts from this page.

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