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Who are the best website hosting providers for Malawi? [2023]

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Who are the best website hosting providers for Malawi?

If you anticipate a significant increase in website visitors from Malawian cities, such as:

  • Lilongwe
  • Blantyre
  • Mzuzu
  • Zomba
  • Kasungu
  • Mangochi
  • Karonga
  • Salima

Or anywhere else in Malawi,

This piece of advice has been thoughtfully written just for you.

We kept a few things in mind as we made a list of the top two web hosting companies for Malawian web designers, bloggers, and businesses.

This list includes reputable hosting companies that can handle traffic from Malawi.

Here is a brief summary of the top two hosting companies that we suggest.

We’ll shortly give specific explanations for why we suggest these hosts.

As a company, we’ve created and kept up 410 client websites and more than 300 blogs. We understand that writing this answer requires 24-hour effort since anything less would damage our integrity, standing, and credibility.


This answer contains affiliate links, so if you pick a host after clicking one of them, we may receive a little compensation at no additional cost to you. Our links may lead you to coupons and discounts to lessen the cost which you may otherwise incur.

best website hosting providers for Malawi


It is well known that when creating a new website, picking the finest hosting provider is crucial. This is because making the wrong decision might result in early financial loss, a poor user experience, subpar SEO, or even the complete failure of your firm.

Although it is true that having a hosting server closer to the location of your main target audience would result in speedier loading times. But fortunately, this idea has lost part of its relevance since the creation of efficient CDN technology. A “Content Delivery Network” is referred to as CDN.

When selecting a host, other criteria must be taken into account. These criteria consist of:

  • Uptime
  • Security
  • Speed
  • Cost
  • Reliability
  • Scalability

In light of this, a Malawian blogger or webmaster may be thinking about which of the two options is better: hosting locally? Or would hosting with a larger, more respected multinational firm be preferable?

Let’s go through these options in more depth.


According to our experience, the typical uptime for hosts in Malawi is 99.94%. This is a little poor; if you calculated how many days on average your website should be down each year, you would have:

365 * (1- (99.84/100)) = 0.58 days = about 14 hours

This indicates that throughout the course of a year, you should anticipate having your website inaccessible for a total of 14 hours. Even still, upgrades and the hour before midnight are when this downtime is most frequent.

All of the hosting businesses we suggest below have a 99.98% uptime rate, with just one or two hours of downtime per year.


While Malawi’s hosting businesses are typically safe, their overseas competitors, particularly those we recommend, are significantly safer.

Malawi hosting firms often receive less technical support than the largest international companies for the most recent security improvements. If your organization is serious, you should embrace the best while taking a number of decision-making criteria into consideration.


The speed with which a website loads is now highly valued by Google, which favors quicker sites over slower ones.

The faster your website loads, the more probable essential Google ranking indicators like bounce rates, backlinks, and so on will improve.

The average server response time for a Malawian host is reasonable, but not quite as excellent as our recommendations, which are somewhat faster.

We chose to create an honest list based on our knowledge in order to correctly inform our site visitors, followers, students, and users about the finest website hosting businesses suggested for customers and users in Malawi and other African nations.

We are competent to provide recommendations because we and our other partners have constructed over 500 websites for businesses, churches, restaurants, and educational institutions.


Local Malawian hosting providers are intriguing, simple, and cheaply priced, however, some of them may not truly store your data on locally owned servers; rather, they may purchase reseller servers from huge foreign organizations and resell to local bloggers and businesses. As a result, you may end up paying somewhat more than if you engaged directly with the foreign host.


To put it simply, Malawian hosts are thought to be less reliable and unable to compete with their well-supported rivals outside the country. Our students and customers have told us that numerous well-known local hosting companies are underperforming and providing less consistent quality hosting services. But rest assured that the recommendations in this post are of the highest quality.


Some Malawian hosting companies may not conveniently offer you flexible scalability solutions when you require them for your firm. Every business wants to grow as users and profits increase, therefore you may need to scale your website, blog, or app in the future as your company grows and you want to reach more people in other countries.

However, there are certain early mistakes to be aware of that may be avoided, so we recommend that you read carefully. Be patient; we promise to give further first-hand knowledge of all potential hosts and aid you in making the best option.


Here are the two best hosting companies we recommend for Malawi:

Please relax and continue reading as we present you with a fast overview of each hosting service, its various perks, and cons, as well as informed suggestions on which one you should select depending on your specific scenario.


We researched it for a while before settling on Intersever. As a result of our analysis, we uncovered three enticing features.

  • Predictable pricing
  • Powerful server
  • Highly scalable


In contrast to other hosting firms that may impose unexpected fees and additional expenses, particularly during renewal, Interserver offers fairly simple pricing.

There will be no unexpected price hikes for the same plan when you renew since Interserver promises that the renewal cost will always be the same as the admission fee. The price lock guarantee is the right descriptive term for this.


We recommend InterServer’s powerful and trustworthy servers. In this context, being powerful means having the ability to manage the data from your website and deliver the desired outcomes quickly and consistently.

We used Interserver to build a voting website for a university community. Our website successfully and efficiently managed over 85,000 votes at the same time.


If the scope of your website is limited at first, shared hosting is a good place to start. As your firm grows, you may quickly upgrade to more powerful resources. Because Interserver provides a flexible scalability approach.


The choice of Cloudways wasn’t arbitrary. Our analysis allowed us to pinpoint three key advantages:

  • WordPress friendly
  • Powerful server
  • C-panel for shared hosting


Cloudways is an excellent solution if you want to build your website using the WordPress framework because it is entirely compatible with it.


Cloudways provides an efficient server, but it costs money.

If you want incredible quality and power without having to worry about cost, Cloudways hosting is perfect for you.


Cloudways provides c-panel as an alternative to DirectAdmin, the less user-friendly interface favored by most companies, even for shared hosting.

The Cloudways c-panel is handy since it makes managing your hosted files really simple. If you have problems like those stated below, this is helpful.

  • Hacking
  • White screen of death
  • Lost password
  • Malware infection and so on…


In order to avoid disappointment, we strongly advise you to establish high goals. As a Malawian who is dedicated to building a reliable website, we are here to help. We at least refrained from mentioning any hosting companies by name because this article wasn’t meant to be critical of any one company. We do, however, wish to appropriately assist website visitors who might want it.

We could easily post reviews of local hosting companies and collect referral money, but doing so would probably damage our reputation.

We made the decision to recommend services based on our favorable experiences. In this essay, regional hosts aren’t in any way undervalued; in fact, we utilize them for some clients.

However, if you absolutely want the best of the best, keep scrolling for our recommendations.

These are the two hosting companies that we advise to our consumers, in case you forgot:


  • Choose Interserver if you want power, consistent pricing, and a huge website or blog that will publish several web pages, such as a newspaper. 
  • You may freely choose between Cloudways and Interserver if cost isn’t a concern for you and you have a healthy financial cushion because both companies provide fantastic cloud, virtual, and dedicated servers with lots of capacity, speed, and capabilities. On these servers, practically anything may be hosted.
  • To successfully deliver your content to domestic and foreign users in every situation, employ CDN technology.
  • No matter where the users are situated, CDN will assist your site in load balancing and instantly deliver your content to them.

To select which plan to purchase, go to any of the recommended hosts on this page. You may compare the costs of all the various plans by clicking on these links, which will take you there.

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