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Who are the best website hosts for Oceanian & Caribbean countries? [2023]

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Who are the best website hosts for Oceanian & Caribbean countries?

Are the majority of your target audience and traffic coming from countries in Oceania such as:

  • Fiji
  • Kiribati
  • Marshall Islands
  • Micronesia
  • Nauru
  • Palau
  • Samoa
  • Solomon Islands
  • Seychelles
  • Tonga
  • Tuvalu
  • Vanuatu

Then this post/answer is for you.

We’ve put together the following list of two web hosting providers we think Oceania’s web designers, bloggers, and businesses will find useful. This article offers high-quality hosting providers at affordable pricing that is appropriate for Oceania-based nations.

The top two hosting companies that we recommend are briefly summarized as follows:


This page contains affiliate links, if you click a link from here to choose a plan, you will be charged the best minimum cost possible. You may pay more if you choose other channels.

best website hosts for Oceania

Our recommendations for these businesses have justifiable justifications. We have developed over 300 blogs, 400 client and corporate websites, and more as a firm. We are risking our expertise, standing, and integrity because we know better.


The hosting provider you choose is crucial when building a new website since making the incorrect decision might result in early financial setbacks, sluggish business growth, or even the failure of your enterprise.

It goes without saying that loading times will be quicker if your hosting firm (or server) is close to the area where your site’s main traffic originates. But sadly, with the advancement of CDN technology, this is no longer feasible. When selecting a host, you must take into account additional factors.

These factors include:

  • Cost
  • Uptime
  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Speed

Thus, an Oceania-based blogger or webmaster may be deliberating between two options: should they host with a local hosting company? or use a foreign hosting business?

Let’s expand on these things a little bit.


The majority of hosting firms in Oceania might not be using their own servers to host your files; instead, they might be buying reseller servers from international big hosting companies and reselling them to regional blogs and businesses. 

The result of this is that you can potentially end up paying more for a service than you would if you dealt directly with the foreign host.


For Oceania hosts, the average uptime we’ve been able to measure with our experience is 99.3%. This is a bit poor, if you calculate the number of days your average website is expected to be offline in a year, you would have:

365 * (1- (99.6/100)) = 1.46 days = about 35 hours

This means you should expect your website to be offline for a staggering period of 35 hours within a year.

The uptime of all the hosting companies we will shortly recommend here is 99.9% or approximately 2 hours of downtime per year.


Simply put, hosts in Oceania may be somewhat dependable, but not as dependable as their well-supported equivalents outside. Our students and patrons have informed us that a few well-known local hosting providers aren’t working as well as they should be and are offering less consistent quality hosting services.


Some of our local businesses might not be able to provide you with the flexible scaling tools you need to expand your business when you need them. When your company expands and you want to widen your audience, you might need to scale your website, blog, or app this is where the need for easy scalability comes up.


Hosting firms in Oceania are a little less secure than their international competitors. They frequently take a long time to update or even create the newest security technologies and features.

If you are serious about your business, you shouldn’t risk the duration of the delay associated with the most recent security update of Oceania hosting firms.


Today’s Google search engine gives website loading time important consideration and favors quicker websites over slower ones when determining rankings.

Your prospects of improving other Google ranking indicators like bounce rates, backlinks, etc. are improved if your website is quicker.

Because Oceania & Caribbean hosting companies may lack the discipline and technological know-how to optimize a shared server and host an optimal amount of websites, their average server response time may be slower. They could be persuaded by a small amount of avarice and ineptitude to host more websites than necessary, endangering security and sluggish server performance.

To properly guide our site visitors, fans, students, and users on the proper website hosting companies recommended for countries in Oceania and even some African countries, we have decided to put together an honest list based on our own experience. We and our third-party partners manage over 500 websites built for clients, churches, restaurants, schools, organizations, and businesses, so we would issue advice based on what we know and apply.

We pledge to provide first-hand descriptions of all the suggested hosts and provide guidance on the best decision to be made, so please read carefully, avoid making unnecessary early mistakes, and don’t be in a rush.


Here are the two best hosting companies we recommend for Oceania & Caribbean countries:

Please unwind and keep reading as we provide you a quick rundown of each hosting service, its various benefits, and drawbacks, as well as professional guidance on which one you should choose depending on your particular situation.


After giving it some thought, we decided to recommend Intersever. Our analysis allowed us to pinpoint three neat benefits:

  • Powerful server
  • Predictable pricing
  • Highly scalable


InterServer offers a powerful and trustworthy server, which is something I like. Powerful here refers to the capacity to control the data from your website and rapidly and reliably produce the required results.

We ran a voting website for a university community using Interserver. Our website successfully and effectively handled more than 85,000 votes at once.


Interserver offers extremely straightforward pricing in contrast to other hosting companies that could impose unforeseen fees and extra expenditures, particularly during renewal.

There won’t be any surprise price increases for the same plan when you wish to renew since Interserver guarantees that the renewal cost will always be the same as the entrance charge. The price lock guarantee is the ideal phrase to use to convey this.


Shared hosting is an excellent place to start if the initial scope of your website is modest. You may easily upgrade to more formidable resources as your company develops. Thanks to the general scalability strategy of Interserver.


The choice of Cloudways wasn’t arbitrary. Our analysis enabled us to identify three significant benefits:

  • C-panel for shared hosting
  • Powerful server
  • WordPress friendly


I’m glad that Cloudways provides c-panel as a substitute for DirectAdmin, which is the less user-friendly panel preferred by most companies, even for shared hosting.

The Cloudways c-panel is advantageous since it makes managing your hosted files very straightforward. This is helpful when you run into problems like those listed below.

  • Lost password
  • White screen of death
  • Hacking
  • Malware infection and so on…


Although there is a cost, Cloudways offers a robust server.

Cloudways hosting is excellent if you want the best quality and power available without having to worry about expenses.


If you want to create your website utilizing the WordPress framework, Cloudways is a fantastic choice because it is fully compatible.

In conclusion, you should choose the finest if you are serious about creating a trustworthy company that will reduce future hassles. This article was created to provide guidance to our website visitors who may be in need, not to disparage anyone in particular.

Although it is simple for us to post about local hosting firms as affiliates, doing so would probably harm our image.

This is why we chose to recommend services we have a satisfactory experience with.


  • If you want power, consistent pricing, and a bulky website or blog that will publish a lot of web pages, then go for interserver.
  • If you want the best of qualities and you bother little about pricing, then you should go for Cloudways.
  • In all cases, make sure you take advantage of CDN technology to effectively serve your content to both local and foreign users.

You are free to visit any of the recommended hosts from here to check out which plan you will purchase at the lowest possible price.

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