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Cytokinesis of mitosis is a process that ensures…

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Cytokinesis of mitosis is a process that ensures that…

A. each daughter cell gets the necessary organelle

B. there is distribution of a complete set of genes into each daughter cell.

C. daughter cells inherit new genetic combinations.

D. worn out organelles are excluded from daughter cells.




To answer this question, we need to firstly, properly understand what cytokinesis and mitosis mean…

Cytokinesis and mitosis occur in cells during asexual reproduction when they split to form daughter cells.

Cytokinesis simply means the splitting of the Cytoplasm of a parent cell into two daughter Cytoplasms. And mitosis here implies the splitting of (not the cytoplasm) the nucleus of the cell. What am trying to say is that, while mitosis deals with the splitting of the nucleus, cytokinesis deals with the splitting of the cytoplasm. Now the cytoplasm can be imagined as a membrane, or a medium, or a fluid in which all the internal cell organelles float.

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Now to the right option…

  1. Option A is very correct; cytoplasm contains all the organelles; when splitting, cytokinesis ensures that each daughter cell gets its own share of the divided organelles.
  2. Option B is incorrect; the genes of a cell are not present in the cytoplasm, but inside the nucleus. Now, cytokinesis does not concern itself with the affairs of the nucleus, it is mitosis that should be responsible for gene affairs.
  3. No, option C basically mean the same with option B. again, cytokinesis does not involve the splitting of the nucleus and its contents (genetic materials). So, C is very incorrect.
  4. Actually, D is also incorrect; enzymes in lysosomes dissolves worn out organelles and not Cytokinesis. Cytokinesis does not concern itself with the removal of worn out organelles, it simply divides the cytoplasm including every of its content.


You may please note that:

  • While mitosis takes care of the nucleus division, cytokinesis takes care of the cytoplasmic division.

You may use the questions and answers session to deal further on this topic…

/culled from 2018 JAMB-UTME biology question 33/

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