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Determine the maximum value of y = 3x² – x³…

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Determine the maximum value of y = 3x² – x³

  • A. 6
  • B. 4
  • C. 2
  • D. 0




The maximum value of a curve is simply a point on the peak of the curve where dy/dx = 0

So we need to:

  • Find dy/dx,
  • Perform dy/dx = 0, and solve for the value of x,
  • Substitute this value of x into the original equation to obtain the maximum or minimum value.

If y = 3x² – x³ then:

Determine the maximum value of y = 3x² - x³

Now for the right answer to the above question:

  1. Option A is incorrect.
  2. Option B is correct.
  3. C is incorrect.
  4. D is not the correct answer.


You may please note these/this:

  • The maximum or minimum value of a function is the value of y at a point where slope is zero, that is, dy/dx = 0

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/ culled from 2015 JAMB-UTME mathematics past question 4 /

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