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The New Fashion Pyramid: Part 1/2
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Download Chemistry Exam-Game

Preparing for basic Chemistry exam, quiz, or test? this simple but powerful… application helps you not just to test your readiness for popular basic Chemistry exams like GCSE, JAMB, WAEC, ETC, but also to quickly determine if you are psychologically balanced, accurate, and fast enough.

Many students offering Chemistry tend to fail exams, quizzes, and tests not just because they do not have basic knowledge of the subject, but because of other factors such as

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Psychology

We designed this app with these in mind, you can answer various timed questions and have your score displayed at the end of the quiz.

The basic features featured in this app includes:

  • Speed Rank
  • Knowledge Rank
  • Average Rank
  • Grade

The “speed rank” deals with time and the speed with which you think and respond to our test questions. The faster you attempt our questions, the less likelihood of losing a point due to delay. What more can we say? You actually have a real time test on a per question level.

“Knowledge rank” is another performance metric which we featured to help test your knowledge of basic Chemistry. It’s not just about speed alone, if you are fast, but keep clicking the wrong answers, it won’t be long before you get your lives exhausted.

“Average rank” is a performance metric that factors the two performance scores above. We use the average rank to determine the approximate grade.

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“Grade” is the measure of your average performance on the basis of letters A, B, C, D, E, F.

  • A = excellent
  • B = good
  • C = credit
  • D = pass
  • E = poor
  • F = fail

Trust me, over 85% of new users will most likely have a first grade of F, (sorry). But subsequent use and familiarity with the games modus operandi will pay off with better subsequent grades.

So, it’s up to you to install and see if you could fall within the 85% potential Fs or the other 15% non-potential Fs.

There are three basic types of questions and answers sessions, they are:


This app was created with the following people in mind:

  • Basic Chemistry enthusiasts
  • GCSE students
  • JAMB students
  • WAEC students
  • University entrance exam students
  • College entrance exam students

The app does not feature questions on advanced chemistry, but on basic and semi-advanced Chemistry.


This is the pro version of the original free app. In this version, you will have an added ability to choose between slow and fast speed profile. Also, this version does not feature advertisements that you may find interruptive.

You can purchase this app for #1000 naira or $2 here on our website, or half that price on GOOGLE PLAYSTORE and get free lifetime updates!


Download Chemistry Exam-Game
Chemistry Exam_Game
Chemistry Exam_Game
Download Chemistry Exam-Game

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