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Evidence of evolution include the following except…

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Evidence of evolution include the following except…

A. fossil records

B. comparative anatomy

C. mutation of genes

D. geographical distribution of organisms


Most likely C


Charles Darwin and other ancient evolutionists, in order to prove the concept of evolution demonstrated some events that tend to suggest the theory of evolution is true. Some of these events or evidences are:

  • Comparative anatomy,
  • Fossils records or Paleontology,
  • Geographical distribution of organisms.

But these evidences are the earliest, some recent developments in science lead to verification of evolution. These recent developments include:

  • Genetic mutation, and
  • Molecular biology

What am trying to explain here is that genetic mutation is not just an evidence, it’s more than an evidence, it’s a kind of verification of evolution. In fact, genetic mutation is simply evolution at the cellular level.

Now to the right option…

  1. Option A is incorrect; record of fossils are a known evidence touted as one supporting the concept of evolution. The discovery of fossil remains of ancient creatures serves as evidence to ascertain evolution.
  2. Option B is also incorrect; Darwin compared the variations in the anatomy of pigeon skulls.
  3. Yes, mutation of genes is not in itself an evidence; although; contemporary advancement in research shows that mutation at the cellular level could be the cause of wider evolution. So, C is the closest answer. This is because mutation is often presented as the beginning of evolution rather than its evidence.
  4. Actually, D is incorrect; geographical variation in distribution of fitches was presented by Darwin as one of the compelling evidences of evolution.
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You may please note that:

  • All the above options can serve as evidence backing the theory of evolution.

You may use the questions and answers session to deal further on this topic…

/culled from 2018 JAMB-UTME biology question 35/

Evidence of evolution include the following except… » QuizTablet
Evidence of evolution include the following except… » QuizTablet


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