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Fatigue of leg muscles may occur after ridding many kilometers…

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Fatigue of leg muscles may occur after ridding many kilometers on a bicycle because of  

A. insufficient glucose

B. excess carbon dioxide

C. excess protein

D. insufficient oxygen




During exercise, rapid flow of blood is needed to supply the muscles with sufficient oxygen. As the bicycle rider continue, oxygen content of the blood gets depleted over time, and the effective supply of the required quantity gets reduced. Consequently, fatigue of the muscles sets in. the point is, decreasing oxygen availability to exercising muscles can cause fatigue over time.

Now for the right answer to the above question:

  1. A is not the right answer. insufficient glucose can cause tiredness and not fatigue of the leg muscles, there’s difference between the two.
  2. B is incorrect. not excess carbon dioxide.
  3. C is incorrect. not excess protein.
  4. D is correct. insufficient oxygen supply to an exercising muscle can cause aches and fatigue.


You may please note this/these:

  • There’s a difference between tiredness and fatigue of the legs.
  • The rider may not be tired, but could experience fatigue of the active legs.
  • Insufficient glucose can cause tiredness and not muscle fatigue.
  • Insufficient oxygen supply to an active muscle can cause fatigue.

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/ culled from 2020 JAMB-UTME biology past question 38 /

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