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In a plant cell, the role of the membrane is played by the…

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Use the diagram below to answer question 4 to 6

After an hour, the level of water in,

In a plant cell, the role of the membrane is played by the…

A. nucleolus

B. cell wall

C. cytoplasm

D. mitochondrion




The membrane serves as a semi-permeable medium that allows movement of water across and between the two solutions.

Now for the right answer to the above question:

  1. The option of nucleolus is wrong, nucleolus is an organelle domiciled in the nucleus, it does not involve itself with movement of water in and out of the cell. A is very wrong.
  2. B is correct; cell walls serve as interfaces between the internal cytoplasm and the external environment, they filter and control the movement of water and nutrients into and out of their cells.
  3. No, cytoplasm will be likened to the sugar solution, in fact, it is the internal cell solution where organelles are suspended. C is wrong
  4. Actually, mitochondria have nothing to do with movement of water and nutrient in and out of a cell, mitochondria are the respirators or generators of cell energies… D is incorrect


You may please note that in a cell,

  • The membrane could be likened to the cell wall,
  • The sugar solution could be likened to the cytoplasm,
  • And the distilled water could be likened to the cell’s immediate environment.

you may use the questions and answers session to deal further with this topic…

/ culled from 2018 JAMB-UTME biology question 6 /

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