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In which of the following Nigerian states can montane vegetation be found?

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In which of the following Nigerian states can montane vegetation be found?

A. Bauchi

B. Plateau

C. Taraba

D. Enugu




Montane vegetation in Nigeria is a region where mountainous forests are quite prevalent. On the eastern edge of Taraba state, close to the Cameroonian border, is a massive expanse of thick mountainous forest.  

Now for the right answer to the above question:

  1. Option A is incorrect; Bauchi not the answer, as it is located at the northernmost edge of guinea savanna.
  2. Option B is also incorrect; plateau is located at guinea savanna.
  3. C is correct. Taraba state boasts of a large region with a range of consistent forested mountains close to the Cameroonian border.
  4. D is not the correct answer; Enugu is at the southernmost edge of the guinea savanna.


You may please note that:

  • Although plateau state is located on high altitudes, it is mostly rocky, with scattered trees and large grasslands in the hinter parts.
  • The tallest altitude or mountain in Nigeria is the chappal waddi located at the easternmost edge of Taraba state, very close to the Cameroonian border.

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