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In which part of Nigeria are Mangrove swamps found…

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In which part of Nigeria are Mangrove swamps found?

A. Chad Basin

B. Niger Delta

C. Benue Valley

D. Mambilla Plateau




Mangrove swamps are mostly found in the Niger Delta. They are characterized by high water content within their environment. They also could occur in places close to large water bodies, high rainfall, and low proper drainage system.

Now for the right answer to the above question:

  1. Option A is incorrect; the chad basin is located in the North-eastern edge of the country (Bornu state), a place known for its seasonal dryness and closeness to the northern Sahara Desert. Mangrove swamps can’t form here.
  2. Option B is very correct; the Niger Delta is a collection of coastal states located in the southern part of Nigeria and having boundaries with the Atlantic Ocean. Besides, the high rainfall in this area and its natural poor drainage system makes it an ideal place for mangrove swamps.
  3. C is incorrect; the Benue valley, located in the middle belt of Nigeria, is not swampy. Although the river Benue could sometimes overflow and cause flooding, this is usually caused by lack of dredging and poor management. This flooding considerably rare, and the resulting swamps are little temporary.
  4. D is not the answer; the Mambila plateau is the highest elevation in Nigeria located in Taraba state and close to the boundary with Cameroon. It hosts the tallest mountain in the country called chappal waddi. Mangrove swamps don’t form at mountainous areas.


You may please note that:

  • There are confirmed mangrove swamps in the creeks of Niger Delta and in such states as Cross-river, Akwa-ibom, Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, Ondo, Ogun and Lagos states.
  • The Mambila plateau is located in Taraba state and not in coastal regions.

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/ culled from 2016 JAMB-UTME biology past question 33 /

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