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Morphological variation in humans include…

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Morphological variation in humans include:

A. height, skin colour and tongue rolling

B. weight, finger prints and body shape

C. height, weight and blood group

D. skin colour, blood group and height




Morphological variation has to do with those observable physical appearances exhibited by organisms. They include shape, pattern, colour, structure, and size.

Morphological variation in humans include weight, finger prints and body shape, since these are physically observable.

Now for the right answer to the above question:

  1. Although height and skin color are morphological, tongue rolling is actually a discontinuous variation and not morphological. So, A is incorrect.
  2. Weight, finger prints, and body shape are actually morphological (physically observable). B is correct.
  3. Although height and weight are morphological variations, blood group isn’t, it instead falls under discontinuous variation. So, C is incorrect.
  4. D is incorrect; although skin color and height are morphological, blood group isn’t.


You may please note that:

  • All morphological variations are physically observable.
  • Blood group and tongue rolling are actually discontinuous variations.

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/ culled from 2017 JAMB-UTME biology question 39 /

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