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The breeding posture illustrated in the diagram is known as…

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Use the diagram below to answer question 36 and 37.

The breeding posture illustrated in the diagram is known as

The breeding posture illustrated in the diagram is known as

A. mating

B. amplexus

C. courtship display

D. reproductive swimming




The diagram shows two frogs mating, with one, presumably the male, clasping the female from behind…

Now to the right option…

  1. Option A is incorrect; actually, the breeding posture shows they are mating, but that is not the specific name specially meant to describe mating positions of toads or frogs.
  2. Option B is very correct; amplexus is a special term used to describe this mating position of toads and frogs.
  3. No, those who do not know the specific answer will be tempted to choose this option. The animals are actually mating and at the same time fertilizing the eggs outwardly and not on mere courtship of honey moon.
  4. Actually, D is incorrect; a comic option, meant to be picked by those who do not read their biology texts.
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You may please note that:

  • Amplexus is a special word used to specifically describe the mating behavior of toads and frogs. It is the closest answer when compared to option A.

You may use the questions and answers session to deal further on this topic…

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