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The cytoplasm of the cell is considered…

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The cytoplasm of the cell is considered a very important component because it…

A. regulates the amount of energy in the cell

B. suspends all cell organelles

C. is the outermost part of the cell

D. is solely responsible for cell division




Cytoplasm is the medium in which cell organelles are suspended; just like the wind serves as a medium through which planets, moons, and stars are suspended. Cytoplasm can be imagined as a liquid containing different cell organelles, this liquid prevents these organelles from colliding, and the cell from collapsing.

Now for the right answer to the above question:

  1. Cytoplasm may regulate the movement and arrangement of cell organelles (components), but certainly, they do not regulate the amount of energy in a cell. What actually regulates the amount of energy in a cell is the nucleus. Therefore, A is not the right answer.
  2. Yes, they serve as a medium in which all cell organelles are suspended. That is, cell organelles become a suspension within the cytoplasm. B is the right answer
  3. No, plasma membrane and not cytoplasm is the outermost part of the cell. C is wrong
  4. Centrioles, and not cytoplasm, are responsible for cell division. D is wrong
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  • You may please note that the cell is not an empty vacuum where organelles mysteriously arrange themselves, it contains a solution where organelles are suspended, this solution is called cytoplasm.

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/ culled from 2018 JAMB-UTME biology question 3 /

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