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The lowest unit of a biogeographical plant specie is…

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The lowest unit of a biogeographical plant specie is

A. micro flora

B. macro fauna

C. micro fauna

D. macro flora




The term ‘lowest unit of a biogeographical plant specie’ suggests a microscopic plant that can be found in a particular habitat. For example, there are microscopic plants such as phytoplankton, which can be found in the ocean. This leaves us with an answer – micro flora.

Now for the right answer to the above question:

  1. Option A is correct; micro flora here refers mainly to algae and phytoplankton which are microscopic geographical plants.
  2. Option B is incorrect; macro fauna refers to smallest animals large enough to be visible by the naked eye.
  3. C is incorrect; micro fauna are microscopic animals invisible by the naked eyes.
  4. D is not the correct answer; macro flora are small plants that are visible to the human eyes, however, there are some microscopic plants that are not detectable by the human eyes, these are the smallest.


You may please note that:

  • Micro flora is the correct answer because it is a term mainly used to refer to microscopic plants which can be found within any geographical location.
  • The term ‘micro’ means small and invisible to the naked eyes, while macro here mean large enough to be seen by the human eyes.
  • Although bacteria are often classified as micro flora, they are not plants.
  • Examples of microscopic plants that can be considered micro flora are: algae, and phytoplankton.

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/ culled from 2016 JAMB-UTME biology past question 40 /

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