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The reason why the flow of blood through…

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The reason why the flow of blood through the capillaries is very slow is

A. because the walls of capillaries are very thin

B. to avoid high-blood pressure

C. to ensure that the individual does not get dizzy

D. to allow adequate time for exchange of materials




Skeletal materials are materials that form the main exoskeleton or endoskeleton that serves as support for the organism.

Now for the right answer to the above question:

  1. Option A is incorrect; this is because the thinness of the capillary walls has nothing to do with the velocity of the blood flow.
  2. Option B is incorrect; high blood pressure will require a significant increase in the pressure of blood in arteries and not capillaries.
  3. Dizziness has nothing to do with mere blood flows in the capillaries. C is incorrect
  4. Actually, D is very correct; the speed of blood flowing through the capillaries are slowed by your body system to enable adequate time for proper exchange of oxygen, wastes and nutrients.


You may please note that

  • The slower the blood flow, the more time available for it to adequately exchange materials.
  • These materials include oxygen, wastes, and nutrients.

you may use the questions and answers session to deal further on this topic…

/ culled from 2018 JAMB-UTME biology question 12 /

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