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The simplest form of reproduction is…

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The simplest form of reproduction is

A. conjugation

B. budding

C. spore formation

D. binary fission




The simplest form of reproduction is the most primitive method through which simplest organisms like bacteria and protozoa multiply and regenerate their young.

Now for the right answer to the above question:

  1. Conjugation involves temporary coming together of two organisms of same specie to form a new similar organism, it is not the most primitive. so, A is quite incorrect.
  2. Budding occurs mostly in developed plants; it is a form of asexual reproduction in which buds or outgrowths develops from a parent organism. B is also incorrect.
  3. Spore formation is a complex asexual method which involves the formation of spores and subsequent development of new organisms from them. So, C is incorrect.
  4. D is correct, binary fission is the most primitive method through which primitive organisms split into new similar organisms.


You may please note that:

  • Binary fission is the splitting of an organism into two organisms with exact characteristics.

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/ culled from 2017 JAMB-UTME biology question 17 /

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