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The vacuole of a plant cell is…

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The vacuole of a plant cell is

A. a large empty space

B. smaller than that of an animal

C. filled with air

D. surrounded by a membrane




A vacuole is a cell organelle whose main function is to isolate waste or poisonous substance from the cell, as well as maintain water balance. It is very large in plants, and small in animal cells. It is also surrounded by various membranes.

Now for the right answer to the above question:

  1. A is not the right answer. although the sac is large, but it is not empty, it is filled with water, wastes and ions.
  2. B is incorrect. no, plant vacuole is much larger than animal vacuole.
  3. C is incorrect. not filled with air.
  4. D is correct. plant vacuole is surrounded by membranes.


You may please note this/these:

  • Vacuoles are large in plants.
  • Vacuoles are small in animals.
  • Vacuoles are membrane-bound sacs.
  • Vacuoles are filled with water, waste, and other fluids.

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/ culled from 2020 JAMB-UTME biology past question 3 /

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