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The value of T in the figure above is…

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The value of T in the figure above is

  1. 30N
  2. 10N
  3. 20N
  4. 40N




We would have to resolve both Ts vertically and equate it to 40N in order to arrive at the right answer.

One of the Ts will be resolved vertically as Tsin30

The second T will then follow as Tsin30

So, the total upward force = total downward force

Tsin30 + Tsin30 = 40

But sin30 = 0.5,

Therefore, T(0.5) + T(0.5) = 40

T(0.5 + 0.5) = 40

T = 40N

Now for the right answer to the above question:

  1. Option A is incorrect.
  2. Option B is incorrect.
  3. C is incorrect.
  4. D is the correct answer.


You may please note these/this:

  • Horizontal resolution of T would have been Tcos30, but the horizontal component is not needed in this calculation.
  • The vertical resolution which is Tsin30 is what is required.

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/culled from 2019 JAMB-UTME physics question 6/

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