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Which of the above are ways in which desert animals adapt to extreme heat…

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  • I. Adoption of appropriate nocturnal habits
  • II. Burrowing
  • III. Adjusting their internal body temperature
  • IV. Possession of many sweat pores

Which of the above are ways in which desert animals adapt to extreme heat of the environment?

A. II and III only

B. I and II only

C. I, II, and III only

D. I and IV only




The ultimate goal is to maintain constant range of favorable body temperature. In hot deserts, animals strive to do this by burrowing into the cooler depths, seeking shades, becoming nocturnal by reducing day activities while resuming active lifestyle in the cooler nights. Let’s analyze each point:

  1. Adoption of appropriate nocturnal habit is true for desert animals because they tend to suffer more water loss if they proceed with day activities. So, they adapt by reducing day activities and resume them in the night.
  2. Burrowing is also true for desert animals; this is because lower temperatures are promised at lower depths.
  3. Adjusting their internal body temperatures is not true because the main aim here is to maintain (and not adjust) constant normal body temperature over extreme fluctuations.
  4. Possessing more sweat pores will encourage water loss through more sweating. Fewer pores instead are expected of them.
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Now for the right answer to the above question:

  1. A is not the right answer. adjusting internal body temperature is not needed, in fact the sole aim is actually to maintain constant internal body temperature.
  2. B is correct.
  3. C is incorrect.
  4. D is incorrect. possession of many sweat pores will encourage more water loss and drought.


You may please note this/these:

  • Burrowing is a positive adaptive feature for desert animals.
  • Nocturnality is a positive adaptive feature for desert animals.
  • Sweat pores are a negative adaptive feature for desert animals, they simply do not need them because they encourage more water loss through sweating.

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/ culled from 2020 JAMB-UTME biology past question 32 /

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