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Which of the following alkaline…more spontaneously with water?

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Which of the following alkaline metals reacts more spontaneously with water?

  • A. Calcium
  • B. Beryllium
  • C. Magnesium
  • D. Strontium




The further down a group you go in the periodic table, the more reactive the metals become. So, a metal that is in period 2 will react more vigorously with water than another metal in the same group but in period 1.

Similarly, a metal in period 3 will be more reactive with water than that in period 2 and 1, that in period 4 will be more reactive with water than that in period 3, 2, and 1, and so on…

For group 2 metals,

Beryllium does not react with normal water; it instead reacts with steam at a very high temperature of 700 degree Celsius.

Magnesium does not react fully with cold water – it reacts slightly with cold water, and fully with steam.

Calcium reacts fairly vigorously with cold. It reacts more than magnesium.

Strontium reacts more vigorously with cold water than calcium.

Barium in turn, reacts more vigorously with water than strontium.

Now for the right answer to the above question:

  1. Option A is incorrect. calcium is more reactive with water than magnesium and beryllium.
  2. Option B is incorrect. beryllium is the least reactive here, steam and a very high temperature will have to be involved in order to start a reaction.
  3. C is incorrect. magnesium, not the right answer.
  4. D is the correct answer.


You may please note these/this:

  • Within a group, the general reactivity of metals increases as you go down.

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/culled from 2019 JAMB-UTME Chemistry question 12/

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