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Which of the following bonds exists in crystalline ammonium chloride…

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Which of the following bonds exists in crystalline ammonium chloride (NHCL)?

A. ionic covalent

B. ionic and co-ordinate

C. ionic, covalent and co- ordinate

D. covalent, co-ordinate and metallic.




When ammonia reacts with HCl, NH₄Cl is formed, the types of bond responsible for holding this compound together are:

Covalent bond found in NH₃, where both N and H contributed electrons to be shared, remember in covalent bond, both bonding elements contribute to the sharing table.

Co-ordinate bond is found in +ve NH₄ ion, this is because only the nitrogen donated the two electrons needed by the additional hydrogen which left its only electron with Cl, making it -ve Cl ion.

Finally, ionic bond found between +ve NH₄ and -ve Cl ions.

Now for the right answer to the above question:

  1. Option A is incorrect. co-ordinate and covalent bond also found.
  2. Option B is incorrect. covalent bond, also found.
  3. C is correct.
  4. D is not the correct answer. Metallic bond not found.


You may please note these/this:

  • Remember, the H in HCl left the bond with only its nucleus, leaving behind its one electron, to share the two electrons donated by only N, forming +ve NH₄.
  • The electron left behind by the H above made Cl a negative ion.
  • A combination of the -ve Cl and +ve NH₄ results in ionic bond.

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/ culled from 2015 JAMB-UTME Chemistry past question 5 /

2 Answers

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